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4x4 or so-called Off-road tyres are specially developed for SUVs also called off-road vehicles, which have four-wheel drives. There is a distinction between SUVs. There are real off-road vehicles; examples are a Jeep Wrangler or aLandroverDefender. These cars are specially developed for rough terrain and can “take a beating”. They perform in combination with 100% terrain tyres, maximally on unpaved roads.

Due to the four-wheel drive, the 4x4 tyres have to meet a number of specific requirements. The Off-road tyres, for example, must have a good grip, because they are used off the beaten tracks. When purchasing Off-road tires, you must take into account the ground where they will be driven on most - paved or unpaved roads.

The 4x4 tyres have a particular material and rubber composition, which means that wear on unpaved roads is less likely to occur. In addition, this rubber compound also ensures that Off-road tyres produce less noise on paved roads. 4x4 tyres have a distinctive edge, making the rims better protected against damage.

Compared to 'normal' car tyres, Off-road tyres have the advantage of offering more traction on unpaved roads, such as in loose sand or mud. The reason for this is the coarser profile these tyres have.

4x4 tyres have different profiles. A complete road profile will be the best choice for you if you drive on paved roads most of the time. If you drive more often off the road, then an all-terrain profile is a better option. For driving in the mud or on rocks, MUD profile is better again, that is a coarser profile. When you only drive on unpaved roads, there is also a complete terrain profile.

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