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Are you seeking cheap air conditioning services in Sheffield? If, yes then Challenger Tyres & Exhausts, can help you repair/maintain your air conditioning systems within the shortest time possible.

Our AC services can offer you a high level of comfort and security which makes our services the most sought after ones on the market.

Why choose us?

  • We offer AC control which also includes odour treatment
  • Our company provides special maintenance and air conditioning control
  • We save you from stale and dirty air inside your car by offering our qualitative air conditioning treatments

Air conditioning maintenance supplied at Challenger Tyres & Exhausts,

Having an AC system functioning correctly in your vehicle provides peace of mind and makes you feel comfortable while driving your car duringthe summer months. However, in winter, it will prevent your car from fogged windows. Contrary to popular belief that an AC system is installed only to lower the car’s interior temperature, it is done primarily for conditioning the air. Moreover, it controls the humidity in the air.

A high humidity only provides an uncomfortable feeling to the passengers. Besides, without the proper functionality of the AC system, your car can have fogged windows which can land you in dangerous driving situations. But if your car’s AC is working correctly, there won’t be any issues. Challenger Tyres & Exhausts, can provide you with the best AC services in Sheffield within a stipulated time which is the reason why our customers highly prefer our company for getting these services.

What’s included in our air conditioning maintenance?

AC maintenance or AC service is sought by many car owners as it is just impossible to drive a car comfortably without a working air conditioning system. So, it is important to have your car’s AC checked by experts. At our company, AC services are carried out by skilled technicians which ensures accurate and early removal of your AC related issues. We offer our customers a plan for air conditioning service which consists of thefollowing inspection and maintenance visits:-

  • Air conditioning control
  • Maintenance
  • Special antifungal/antibacterial treatment (disinfection)

The following checks are important during an inspection:

  • Leaks and pipe condition inspection
  • Functioning of air conditioning system
  • Inspection of air outflow temperature
  • Inspection of pressure capacity
  • Inspections of system protections, electrical connections in the compartment of engine, condensate drainage and air inlet

Our experts look carefully at the below-mentioned points while offering our air-conditioning maintenance services:-

  • Test of pressure
  • Vacuum
  • Replacing the dryer/filter if necessary
  • Leak test as well as (re) filing
  • Recycling or recovering the air conditioning

Disinfecting treatment

Many car drivers are much concerned about the musty smell coming from their air conditioning systems. This smell is caused by fungi and bacteria which stay in the evaporator. Special treatment from an expert is much needed to prevent this problem. Our skilled technicians offer excellent disinfecting treatment by cleaning the evaporator and treating it preventively to stop any unpleasant smells.

Hence do not be tensed over your air conditioning system related errors and book air conditioning services online via our website.

In case you need answers to any of your queries, please feel free to ask us.