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Good all-weather/all-season tyres can act as summer tyres and winter tyres and have the right certification to be used as winter tyres even in countries such as Germany and Austria (good to know if you want to go on a winter holiday abroad). Many new cars are usually equipped with all-season tyres. All-season tyres area compromise. The tyre has to perform in both winter and summer and therefore does not perform as well as a summer tyre in summer, or a winter tyre in winter.

In summer, an all season/all-weather tyre cannot offer the samelevel of grip and handling as the summer-tyre of good quality. Itisalsonot a real winter tyre, a tyre that always keeps a firm grip on the road with snow and ice. For a climate like in most parts of the UK, however, all-season tyres areperfectly suited. Where winter tyres with a deeper profile are made, have surfacing and use materials that soften under low temperatures, all-seasonscombinebothpropertieswhichmakesthem suitable for summer and winter.

All-season tyres in the UK

It does not snow much and very often in most parts of the UK, and in summer the temperature usually stays below 30 degrees, except for a few days a year. That means, if you are not doing an excessive mileage you may be better off, saving money by using all season tyres.

On our Challenger Tyres & Exhausts website, you will find very good all-season/all-weather tyres from many different quality brands – all great value for money. With special materials for the profile that have a very wide temperature range, all season tyres have more grip on snow and ice than summer tyres. Most all-season tyres are comfortable and quiet, and reasonably efficient. A combination that appeals to many car owners.

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