Tyre disposal

If your tyres are too old and worn, you will need new tyres – simple!

You can get them advantageously from Challenger Tyres & Exhausts in Sheffield, which already solves the first problem. However, the second problem immediately arises: what to do with the old tyres?

Disposal of the tyres as household items is not permitted because they are classified as ''hazardous waste ''. That’s why we offer our customers our free tyre disposal service.

We take your old tyres off and get them collected by specialist companies for recycling.


Have you ever wondered what happens to your old tyres?

Used tyres are a valuable material. The proper use of scrap tyres plays a particularly important role because tyres are made of rubber, fillers such as carbon black / silica/carbon, plasticisers and reinforcements such as steel and nylon and other chemicals like sulfur, which must not be disposed of in any way.

Only those who give their tyres in responsible and certified hands can ensure that the material is expertly prepared or recycled.

Before the further processing of the old tyres they are pre-sorted for usability. Good used tyres are recycled - often these tyres are exported. Waste tyres, which due to their condition no longer find use, are processed for disposal and further processed. In shredder plants, the scrap tyres are shredded into palm-sized pieces. In the next step, these pieces are ground in granules into small granules, which are then freed of metal residues, leaving a pure rubber powder at the end.

Old tyres have a very high calorific value (9.0 kWh / kg), so the finely obtained rubber granules are ideal as heating material and can be routed directly to kilns. Used tyres are burned at temperatures of more than 1,000 ° C without the release of pollutants and converted into energy.

The rubber granules are used not only in thermal but also in material recycling so that a wide variety of products can be produced from them. Primarily, the granules flow into insulating materials, road or floor coverings for sports halls and playgrounds or artificial turf for golf and sports fields. Also in Mousepads, garden hoses or door seals recycled tyres can be found.

So, please don’t worry. You don’t need to take the tyres home with you and have them lying around in your driveway or garage after we have taken them off.

Just leave them with us, and we will dispose of them according to the law so they can we re-use.