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Are you experiencing any battery related issues in your car and want to get cheap battery services in Sheffield? If yes, then we are there to help you!

At our company,Challenger Tyres & Exhausts, our experienced technicians can test your vehicle’s battery and change it if necessary in a short time.

It is essential to change a weak battery at the right time to avoid any issues caused by it. Car owners usually experience battery faults during the winter months and start looking for quality battery services.

The mechanics of our company will do their best to change your vehicle’s battery at a very competitive price.

Only a car specialist can optimally handle the battery change process as he/she reinitialises some alarm systems, control units and radios after changing the battery.

Life of a car battery

The latest car battery models last up to 6-8 years. Each loading as well as unloading procedure unloads them & reduces their original efficiency. Batteries usually stop working in winter. When the outside temperature is low, even a fully charged battery uses only 65% of its initial original capacity.

The engine requires 155% of power when the temperature drops to 0 degrees C. So if a battery shows signs of non-functionality, it is essential to get it replaced before the winter as defective batteries can’t even actuate the starter in the cold.

It is a fact that your car requires more energy coming from the battery in winter compared to the summer months: Diesel engines should be pre-heated. The engine oil is thick, and there is a high-temperature discrepancy between the ignition temperature & engine air.

Quality batteries

Our batteries are of the best quality and equipped with the latest technology. We offer batteries for every vehicle model at competitive prices.

Expert Advice:

If your vehicle’s battery gets failed on a cold morning, then you can place a hot water bottle onto the battery and wait for a few minutes. This little trick will reduce the battery’s internal resistance and provide your vehicle with enough energy for additional starting attempts. But make sure to remove the water bottle before the operating the starter & then check your battery. This is only a temporary solution though. Your vehicle’s battery should indeed be replaced as soon as possible.

Why chooseChallenger Tyres & Exhausts for Battery Services?

  • Our batteries come with a warranty
  • You don’t have to spend much as all our batteries are affordable
  • We can help you avoid battery failure and prevent your vehicle from breaking down.
  • All our high-performance batteries are of the latest cutting-edge technology.

So, if you can’t find the right battery for your car, or are looking for best battery services, then just book affordable battery services online and let us help remove your vehicle’s battery-related problems straight away.