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Welcome to Challenger Tyres & Exhausts in, your Cambelt/Timing belt specialists in Sheffield.

Belts are used in places where power and power transmission exist. They are often part of a specific system they belong to. The timing belts, the tensioner, the guide/deflection roller, pulley, belt tensioner or the timing belt guard are connected to the timing belts. These components are often linked in function because they are part of the belt drive system. For example, the guide roller controls the timing belt; the deflection roller makes it move in a certain direction.

If the timing belt is broken or damaged, it is not safe to drive. If the belt is broken, the whole system will stop. It is important to quickly restore it. The timing belt is usually located in the engine compartment and is easily accessible. It is sometimes necessary to disassemble some pieces to replace it.


First check the component properly by listening carefully to the sounds near the valve timing during operation. If there are problems, you will hear rattling, beating, rubbing and clicking noises. You then need to get the timing belt plus the associated components.

Pay attention to the condition of the surface of the belt during the inspection. There must be no damage or traces of oil, and sidewalls and teeth must be free of cracks, notches and abrasions.

In addition to visible defects, problems come to light due to backlash or noise when the rollers are turned by hand.

Routine inspections must be performed after every 30-50 miles.

We advise all car owners to come to our Challenger Tyres & Exhausts workshop for inspection because different parts of the system have to be dismantled to reach the toothed belt.

Because of these symptoms, you know that control is needed:

  • the exhaust fumes are blacker
  • the motor vibrates excessively during operation;
  • during operation the timing mechanism makes a lot of noise;
  • timing phases are disrupted;
  • reducedpower of the engine.


The problems with the toothed belt can have various reasons. One of these is a poor installation of the belt so that the life of the elements is shorter. If you do not pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations when attaching the fixings, the rollers may not be properly aligned. Fastenings can also be bad if the repair is carried out with an overheated or too cold engine.

Therefore, make sure, you get your car’s Timing belt/Cambelt service is done by experts like our team at Challenger Tyres & Exhausts in Sheffield.

If the engine is no longer properly sealed, this often results in lubrication on the belt. The material of this component is sensitive to oil, and therefore it gets problems quickly. If the protective casing of the toothed belt is loose, this may be the reason that dirt enters the mechanism, causing damage to the belt.


Timing belts with problems must be replaced. Even if the component looks normal, we recommend replacing it every 40 to 60 thousand miles. Note that the timing belt must be replaced with other components, especially with the rollers.

If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, please do get in touch with us.

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