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Clutch Services

Are you stressed due to your vehicle’s clutch related problems? If yes, get in touch with our technicians. We will put an end to these issues in our garage.

Challenger Tyres & Exhausts is offering cheap clutch repair services  Sheffield carried out by its expert technicians.

Our Company can easily replace the clutch of your car if necessary.

But how to know that your car’s clutch needs repairing or replacing?

  • Slipping Clutch
  • The clutch pedal is “at the end” or “high.”
  • Changing gears has become difficult for you
  • Gearbox is “cracking.”
  • Your car does not accelerate
  • Your car’s clutch is burnt

The above signs show that it’s high time to get your car’s clutch repaired or replaced. We, at Challenger Tyres & Exhausts, can provide you with quality clutch repair services.

The Clutch is said to be one of the most important parts your car has as it makes the connection between the vehicle’s engine and gearbox. The clutch-plate creates a mechanical connection between an axle (attached to the gearbox) and the flywheel (placed on the side of the engine). All the parts that come in between are parts of coupling and are subject to wear.

How does your vehicle’s clutch work?

A pressure group is increased on the flywheel on the side of the engine, and then it starts to clamp the clutch plate between the flywheel and the pressure group, and the result is that it is stuck. The clutch is now left “unattended, and the engine starts to transfer the power through the clutch towards the gearbox. When you press the clutch pedal, the pressure group is moved backwards and releases the clutch plate, making it rotate freely. The engine’s power is not yet moved, and the gearbox can now be operated. When the clutch pedal is released again, it starts to clamp the plate once again. There is a liner on the clutch plate which is opposed to high temperatures, and that restricts the wear of the pressure group as well as the flywheel. In case the lining is worn, the plates need to be replaced.

As the load on the clutch relies on the operation, so replacement can’t be done at a fixed time. Due to the intensive usage of clutches, traffic jams and fast driving, it becomes very important to replace the clutch and other parts involved in time.

Please do not worry if your vehicle’s clutch needs replacing. It only requires a normal procedure to replace the clutch. The price of repairing or replacing the clutch depends on the age and make of your vehicle. At Challenger Tyres & Exhausts, we will offer you cost-effective clutch replacement services in Sheffield. So, don’t worry and book clutch repair services online by visiting our company’s website.