Summer Tyres

When the temperatures in spring for the first time above 7 degrees, you should think about the purchase of summer tyres. These are optimised for warmer weather conditions, in contrast to winter tyres. To ensure adjustments to higher temperatures, summer tyres distinguish mainly in two areas, namely about their rubber compound and to their profile.

The material of the tyre must have different properties. It is important that this material is not too soft and ensures good control of the vehicle even in hot weather conditions. The tread patterns are also designed differently compared to those of winter tyres so that, when the temperatures change, they offer good grip and low rolling resistance. The consequences of these characteristics of summer tyres for passenger cars are firmness, stability, reduced braking distance and reduced fuel consumption. As far as the tread depth is concerned, differences are also found between the two tyre types: The recommended tread depth for winter tyres is 4 mm, where a profile depth of 3 mm is recommended for summer tyres. According to legal requirements, the minimum tread depth for summer tyres is only 1.6 mm (not enough in our- and many other expert’s opinions).

Buying summer tyres: how to decide?

To buy the right tyres for the summer, you need to know certain parameters, such as the correct tyre size. These properties can be found on the side of the tyre. You can also look this up in the information booklet of your car. The properties of the tyres may differ. For example, there are run-flat summer tyres (summer tyres with emergency running properties), where the side walls are reinforced or where a ring is fitted on the rim. As a result, a relatively long transit is ensured even if the tyre is damaged. Also, when buying tyres, personal preferences for speed and driving comfort must also be taken into account. Not to forget your budget.

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If you have bought good summer tires with a longer lifespan, you can use them for several years. However, as soon as the tyres become porous, you have to buy new ones. It is very important that you also regularly check the tread depth because a tread depth below the minimum requirements on wet roads entails a major safety risk. The air pressure in the tyre must also be measured regularly. To ensure safety while driving, you should also check the spare wheel (if you have one) for full functionality. The air pressure control must always be carried out on cold tyres because the tyre pressure automatically increases when heated. It should also be noted that with decreasing tyre pressure the fuel consumption increases and the lifespan of the tyres are greatly reduced.

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