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Tyre pressure

The right tyre pressure, safer driving and more driving comfort – Challenger Tyres & Exhausts in Sheffield

By driving with the right tyre pressure for your car, you avoid unnecessary wear and drive more comfortably, economically and safely. If the pressure is too low, you will realise poorer handling and worse braking behaviour. There is a greater rolling resistance, which results in higher fuel consumption. Moreover, the risk of a flat- or burst tyre is greater because the tyre heats up. You can find out what tyre pressure is right for your vehicle in your instruction booklet or on the inside of your fuel valve. When you go on holiday, it is important to also check the tyre pressure of your caravan, trailer or trailer tent and to increase it if necessary. 

Good tyre pressure means: 

  • Safer driving
  • Save up to 2 full tanks annually
  • Better road holding and comfort
  • Up to 45% longer service life

Tyre pressure in winter tyres

For your winter tyres, it is advisable to use a slightly higher tyre pressure because of the lower temperatures. We recommend that your tyre pressure be about 0.2 bar higher than in your summer tyres. 

How do I know if my tyres are “stressed”? 

If something is wrong, you will often notice this automatically. The handling of your car is different, and your car will steer heavier. But usually, you will hardly notice that your tyres do not have the correct tyre pressure. That is why you must regularly check (or have checked) the tyre pressure. We advise you to come to our Challenger Tyres & Exhausts workshop regularly so we can check your tyres for you. This service won’t cost you anything, but it keeps the tyres running properly, you drive safely and comfortably, and you save one to two full tanks per year. That means a saving of around £85 per year. 

Can I also check tyres if I have just driven? 

If you have not driven more than a mile, the tyres are still cold, and you get the correct tyre pressure when you check your tyres. If you have driven more than one mile, you must lower the value by about 0.3 bar to achieve the correct value. The pressure rises when tyres become warmer. Check the tyres again as soon as possible when they are cold. That is if you have waited for at least 10 minutes.  

What is the correct air pressure of my tyres? 

The correct tyre pressure is listed in the instruction booklet for your car. Often it is also on stickers on the doorpost, on the back of the sun visor or the inside of the fuel cap.  

Do not forget your spare tyre, as it will get the highest advisory pressure. In the event of a flat tyre, the spare tyre can immediately do its job at the right pressure. 

What are the consequences of too low a tyre pressure? 

Apart from safety, these are the consequences for your fuel consumption and the life of your tyre. 

A tyre pressure that is 0.2 bar too low gives 1% more fuel consumption and reduces the service life by 10%. 

A tyre pressure that is 0.4 bar too low gives 2% more fuel consumption and shortens the lifespan by 25%. 

A tyre pressure that is 0.6 bar too low gives 4% more fuel consumption and reduces the lifespan by 45%.