Tyre Repairs

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Got a tyre puncture? 

Probably there is no need to buy a new tyre – come to us first – Challenger Tyres & Exhausts in Sheffield for a professional tyre puncture repair. 

If you are looking for tyre repairs, you are at the right place at Sheffield’s Challenger Tyres & Exhausts. 

 A flat tyre is not hard to detect. Your car starts to pull to one side, and it is visible that there is less air in the tyre. Challenger Tyres & Exhausts can repair almost every flat tyre. And we also balance it new before fitting. Fast and professional, so that you are on your way again. 

Our tyre repairs: 

  • Fast and professional
  • Detailed inspection of the entire tyre
  • Simultaneous balancing
  • Repair from the inside

Isevery flat tyre repairable? 

No. To determine whether your tyre can still be repaired, we thoroughly inspect the inside and the outside of the tyre. If you have driven too long with a flat tyre, it must be replaced. Driving too long is usually shown by discolouration or deviations on the inside of the tyre.  

Sometimes, if the flat tyre’s all-over condition (for example the tread depth) is not the best anymore, we advise our customers to save money by changing the tyre instead of getting it repaired and then exchanged a short time after. 

How long can I continue driving with a flat tyre? 

We strongly advise you to stop immediately. You do this, of course, for your own safety, but also because continued driving on a flat tyre causes structural damage to your tyre, rim and wheel. Continuing too long can ensure that your tyre can no longer be repaired. Cars with Run-flat tyres can continue driving for about 50 miles with a flat tyre, with a maximum speed of 50 mph.