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The French Michelin tyres are produced by the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. With a market share of almost 20 percent, the group has for many years been the market leader among the largest tyre brands.

Every year, Michelin produces over 190 million tyres for a wide range of applications. Michelin tyres are a household name for a large proportion of today's motorists and professional drivers.

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On our Challenger Tyres & Exhausts website, you can find Michelin summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres, run-flat tyres SUV/4x4 tyres and much more in almost every size.

Michelin quality displayed by tests and time

From its inception, Michelin has always focused on further improving its products and, over time, made a significant contribution to enhancing and strengthening basic social needs such as travel, freight transport and communication. Over time, the brand has become a premium manufacturer. Both, the Michelin winter and the summer tyres belong to the absolute top and always score best results in international tyre tests.

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Browse through the Michelin section on our website and choose a suitable tyre in a design that also fits well in style. The Michelin tyres we sell are all exceptionally good. Although there are big differences between winter and summer tyres, you can almost blindly choose a tyre when it comes to the Michelin brand.

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