Wheel Balancing

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Wheel balancing

Balanced wheels for more driving comfort – Challenger Tyres & Exhausts in Sheffield

A vibrating steering wheel or dashboard is a sign that your tyres are not properly balanced.

By balancing your wheels, our Challenger Tyres & Exhausts experts correct the imbalance. After balancing, you drive more comfortable, safer and you have fewer costs caused by tyre wear. Our experts balance your wheels as standard with every tyre change or assembly.

Balancing benefits:

  • No vibrating steering wheel and/or dashboard
  • Better contact with the road surface
  • Even tyre wear
  • Greater driving comfort
  • Fewer wear costs

If your car or steering wheel vibrates while driving, this may indicate that your tyres are not well balanced. To prevent unnecessary strain on your tyres or other parts, it is advisable to get your wheels balanced.

Why do I have to balance my car’s wheels?

A tyre/wheel that is not well balanced has less contact with the road. Moreover, the suspension is unnecessarily loaded. You notice this for example because your steering wheel or dashboard vibrates at high speeds (60 to 90 mph), or because your steering wheel slowly moves back and forth at low speed (25 to45 mph). By regularly getting your wheels balanced by our experts, you avoid high repair and replacement costs caused by continued driving with poorly balanced wheels. Also, you drive safer and more economical.

Balancing work method

Balancing places weights at specific locations on the rim edge. The weight lifts the imbalance. We do this on a computer-controlled device on which the required weight can be determined to the nearest gram. We measure the wheels with the tyre to determine that it is equally heavy throughout the circumference. The inserted lugs are no longer visible after the assembly.

Only by balancing all wheels we can guarantee you optimal comfort without annoying vibrations and irregular wear. We advise you, to always have all tyres re-balanced, even if you only change one tyre.

Also get your wheels checked from time to time to see if all the weights are still in place (sometimes they come off when hitting a curb or driving through a pothole etc.)

Wheel balancing – Sheffield – Challenger Tyres & Exhausts