Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

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In winter, the use of winter tyres has important advantages over the use of summer tyres. The first advantage of the winter tyre is the composition of the materials. The type of rubber used and other materials in the tyre make it considerably softer than summer tyres. The result is that even atlow/minustemperatures winter tyres become soft while driving. As a result, the tyre adheres better to the road surface. Grip and traction are considerably larger with a winter tyre. This is somewhat at the expense of the efficiency of the tyre since the rolling resistance is greater. The tyre is therefore also safer, of course. The second special feature is the profile of winter tyres. The tread design has more ridges or slats. As a result, there is more contact with the road surface, and snow and ice are efficiently removed. The result is better road holding and better braking power. In winter, even in the UK, a winter tyre is considerably safer for yourself and others in traffic.

The Alpine symbol

Winter tyres are optimised for use in winter and offer greater safety while driving on snowy, slippery or muddy roads. Winter tyres can be recognised by the symbol M + S, which stands for 'Mud & Snow'. Because the symbol is not protected by the government, it is also used for some all-season tyres. For this reason, the Alpine symbol has been introduced, a symbol representing a mountain with a snowflake. When the Alpine symbol is shown on the tyre, you can be sure that it is a winter tyre with the right characteristics.

Tyre pressure and tread depth

Please note,winter tyres must have araisedtyre pressurecompared to the one ofsummer tyres. The pressure must be 0.2/0.3 bar higher than normal.

Under wintery conditions, a 4 mm profile is considered soon too little. The vehicle will not have a good grip on the road surface. That is why winter tyres have to be replaced regularly.

What to consider when buying winter tyres?

Winter tyres must be replaced with new ones after about six years because the material hardens and the tyre gradually loses its elasticity. Also, the tyre profile reduces wear. Especially the latter is dangerous and increases the risk of aquaplaning and slipping on a slippery road surface. This is of course partly dependent on the intensity with which the tyres are used. When purchasing winter tyres, you must further ensure that the tyres meet the requirements of the relevant vehicle regarding load and speed. The maximum loading capacity of a car tyre is determined by the load index. The top speed is expressed by the speed symbol. Especially with a heavier vehicle with a powerful engine, you have to pay close attention to the capacity of the tyres.

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